Disneynature's New Movie - Earth

| 08 April 2009

I want to thank Erik Lokkesmoe at Different Drummer for asking me to write about Disneynature's new film Earth.

Earth opens in theaters on Earth Day, April 22, 2009, and, if you purchase a ticket for opening weekend, Disney will plant a tree in your honor.

Earth is the story of three amazing families and their journey across the planet we call Earth. The story is a year in the life of a family of polar bears, humpback whales, and African elephants. To me, the movie seems to be a cross between March of the Penguins and Blue Planet, both of which were incredible.

The film is rated G and is a production of Disneynature, the BBC, Greenlight Media and the Discovery Channel.

I realize movie trailers can be deceptive, but I doubt if that's the case here, and it looks like it will be great. I know Disney catches a lot of flack from Christians, but this appears to be a worthy project and cause.

You can watch the movie trailer here (Apple - Trailers) and here (Disneynature trailer).