I Am Going to Focus My Blogging Efforts

| 24 August 2009

In December of last year, I started this blog as a way to unwind and write about stuff that didn't seem to quite fit over at my real blog (Beauty of the Bible). And I have had a blast doing it.

However, this semester is going to be challenging enough with work, church, and blogging responsibilities without my trying to maintain and promote two blogs. So, I've broadened my horizons over on my real blog to include the sometimes funny, often offbeat, and always entertaining (to write, anyway) stuff I usually post here.

For example, the following recent posts are completely inappropriate for a Bible blog, yet, somehow they're not:

Don't Bite Your Friends

Internet Addiction Detox
I Love Conspiracy Theories
I Know All Men are Created Equal but Come On, and
Insert Joke Here (this probably was appropriate).

I'm not doing away with St. Pete's Blog, I will leave it up, and I may post here from time to time. I may ultimately combine everything in to one master site. Who knows?

Anyway, if you're a follower or subscriber of this blog, I won't let you down. I'm just asking that you subscribe to my other blog if you want to still follow this one.